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Senior Adult Ministry

Welcome Seniors!

At Level Grove, we believe in an active senior adult element of the church that is full of life and excited to serve the Lord. We would be honored to have you join us on our journey of discovery in connect groups, celebration through the "Sunshine Band", and fellowship through our events and trips!

What to Expect

A Couple of Notes for You


We meet the second Wednesday of every month at 11:00 AM in the church Fellowship Hall for lunch, devotional time and entertainment.  The group provides the main meat dish. Everyone else, you included, we hope, provides the side dishes and dessert and we all leave happier (and heavier) than we came. 
We welcome regular attendees from other churches and denominations.
We travel a bit:  Gatlinburg; Pigeon Forge; Hamricks; Franklin, NC; and an ocassional trip to somewhere like the Creation Encounter and Creation Museum.  We do get around some.
During the year we do community services, helping out at Camp Hawkins or serving with the Georgia Baptist Dental Clinics as they are sponsored in our area.  We receive $2.00 per person at the door each week that is used to purchase the meat dish each month, but also leaves plenty to give offerings to other things in our community to honor Our Father and Our Savior and Their work around us. We have a time of devotion and a speaker or a singing group or other entertainment and leave full, blessed and Happy In Jesus.
Some of our Senior Adults also make up a large part of our Sunday Morning greeters.  Some are Sunday School teachers or helpers.  All are vastly important to us as a church and are greatly loved.
We try to be active.  Please...come and join with us!


 My vision for the Senior Adults of Level Grove Baptist Church is a group of people, experienced in ways that only time and life can bring, educated not only in the schools of formal education, but schooled in life, coming together to share their knowledge and experiences to help the generations that are several years behind us to understand the things God has taught us as we have lived and experienced things that we hope and pray they will never have to live through themselves.

Whether they know it or not, one of the greatest gifts we can give them, after the gift of the saving knowledge of Christ as Lord, is the knowledge of the things ungodly men can do to one another, so that they internalize the need to know Christ and serve Him themselves and to introduce their children to Him from an early age and show Him to them for as long as they live.  
We need to show a passionate desire to learn continually from the Scriptures what a follower of Jesus looks likes, acts like, talks like, walks like.  They need to understand that their children need to understand so that their grandchildren can understand that Christianity is more than going to church on Sunday and putting money in the plate when it is passed.  
They need to see in us that following Jesus is not in religious activity, but in a changed heart, a changed spirit, a changed life that reflects the characteristics of the life of Christ.
It is unfortunate that some generations have missed the opportunity to learn this and/or pass it on.  WE MUST NOT FAIL THOSE WHO COME AFTER US!  WE MUST SHOW, SHOW, SHOW THEM CHRIST AT LEAST AS MUCH AS WE PREACH HIM.
Let's do it folks.  Much of what happens in the lives of those we love after we are gone, is settled by how we live in their presence, by the things they see as important to us, and what we fervently establish in them before we go home to be with the Lord.
Let's not fail them!  Let's not fail Him!