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Tony Yang

Worship Ministries Pastor

Tony Yang is the Lead Worship Pastor at Level Grove Baptist Church. He grew up as a Pastor’s Kid with 8 brothers and 4 sisters. Through the love of Jesus, his life was turned around at the age of 16 and he made the decision to follow Christ. Shortly after, God called him into ministry, instilling in him a passion for a lost generation. He graduated from Toccoa Falls Bible College with a Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry in 2002. He has served in ministry for over 18 Years as a Youth Minister, Student Pastor, Music Minister and Addictions Counselor.


Tony believes that excellence in musical performance is a worthy goal, but that is NOT the purpose of the music ministry. The purpose of the music ministry is like the purpose of all other ministries, and that is for the equipping of the saints for works of service. Everyone involved with the music program use their gifts to serve. From the choir members, band, setup, to sound and lights, their purpose of being there is because God has called them to serve. The music team practices and rehearse because they believe in pursuing and being equipped for excellence while they serve. “We want our fellow church members to be able to worship without being hindered by a lack of preparedness, practice, or effort. The music program at Level Grove Baptist Church is more than just notes on a page, but the equipping of God’s people to do God’s service in excellence.”


He has been serving at Level Grove Baptist Church since January 2015. Tony is married to Susan and they have three beautiful daughters, Kennedy, Bailey and Brooklyn.

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